Innovation & Creativity

My work is always evolving and I strongly believe that behavioural psychology can help us grow, adapt and change in all manner of situations. As both groups, and individuals we can benefit greatly from working with each other to realise our goals, and one of the reasons for that is that working together helps us create new insights. Creativity then is important in all aspects of my work – and probably in yours. As John Cleese once said “creativity isn’t a talent, it’s a way of operating”.

For that reason, I provide creativity coaching, working primarily in two contexts, the performing arts and small to medium sized businesses or teams.

Performing Arts Coaching

I work with musicians, poets, dancers, comedians and others from the world of performing arts. As a performer and guitarist singer / songwriter, I have overcome past performance confidence issues, allowing me to embrace a creative way of operating and bring my fullest talents to every situation. My passion in working with other artists is using all of my experience and training to help them overcome performance and creativity anxieties, finding their own optimum performance in front of an audience.

Business Innovation Coaching

My creativity work in business focuses on small and medium sized firms or teams. Often they are striving to build their business, expand into new markets or territories, or make progress in a new area. The common link with performing arts is that these businesses are trying to create something. It may be they are trying to create the new business itself, or create some kind of change in their existing offering.

My Approach

Every creative situation is unique, so please use the “Contact Us” page if you would like to know more. It is important to me that there is the right fit between your needs and my skills, so there is no charge for our initial consultation. I do not insist on a minimum number of sessions, nor am I prescriptive about the timing, frequency or medium of our work. During our initial conversation we can agree between us the approach that best suits you.