As human beings we restrict what is possible by what we believe to be true. Often, our beliefs are so ingrained, that we are not even aware of them, much less of the ways in which they hold us back. But change is possible.

Our beliefs generate emotions, and trigger our behaviours. When those beliefs, emotions and behaviours get in our way, it is time to challenge them and make some changes. In doing so, we find better ways to better ways to live our lives and achieve our goals.

I use coaching to work with you in a way which unblocks the influence of your limiting beliefs. This lets you think and behave differently, helping you reach your goals. If you’re new to coaching, there are more details on the process on the “What is coaching?” page.

Why work with me?

I am a qualified coach and hold an MSc in People & Organisational Development. My understanding of behavioural psychology can unlock new insights into the changes you want to make, and I work with you to ensure you are getting what you need from our time together. No one can make changes for you, only you can do that, so we work together to make that happen.

In personal change work I use a coaching approach – this makes sure that we focus on your needs, and your answers to the challenges you face in life. There are no magic tricks to change, but it needn’t be difficult or painful and working with the right person can make all the difference. Like the yeast in a loaf of bread, our work together can sometimes be a small element of the overall change you want to make – but it makes a disproportionate difference to the outcome.

The coaching process works so well because it is flexible, and tailored specifically to your needs. It allows you to benefit from other perspectives, whilst retaining responsibility for shaping your own future and overcoming your own difficulties as you find them. This means that the answers we develop between us really work, because they belong to you and are relevant to your unique situation.