Consultancy Services

I work as a consultant with organisations involved in change. In particular, I work with cultural change, and since almost all change in organisations involves some change in culture, my experience is relevant to most situations. I help organisations embed lasting cultural change, by working with people to help them internalise their new situation.

I believe that every client and every situation is unique. Although there are mechanistic aspects to change that I am well equipped to help with, I do not believe that successful cultural change can be imposed from the top-down with a ten-point plan. Rather, I believe that change can be planned, but that it also needs to be internalised by people if it is to last as a new way of working. Changing organisational culture means changing each individual’s behaviour. More than simply implementing a change plan, it means changing the internal and external conversations that underpin that behaviour, allowing it to change.

Although we work together to address your specific needs, typical examples of my work include:

Advising leaders and managers – I work with leadership teams to help them help their teams. I provide advice to help you with the inter-personal and intrapersonal aspects of culture change. I am also well qualified to help you plan and implement your approach.

Sense making with teams – I facilitate sessions with teams to help them through change, allowing them to internalise the meaning of the change, both for them personally and the organisation. This kind of sense-making is often ignored in mechanistic cultural change, however in my experience it is the key to lasting cultural change.

Coaching individuals – I coach individuals at all levels of the organisation, allowing them time and space to reflect on what is happening, and how to maximise the value they bring. This can be particularly useful during the initial stages of cultural change, allowing people to develop much greater clarity on what they are trying to achieve.

Why work with me?

Change doesn’t just involve tools, methods and ten-point plans, it also involves messiness, vulnerability, fracture and contradiction. Many change efforts fail because they don’t include these aspects, leaving them in the “too difficult” box. In so doing these efforts change only part of the system, the part which is responsive to tools, methods and plans. People however, rarely respond to such techniques.

Real and lasting change demands a change of culture, and that requires us to embrace the sometimes irrational and difficult world of motivation, behaviour and conversation. These can be difficult areas to address, so not surprisingly they are often left untouched by consultants selling tools and techniques. I don’t work that way. Every organisation, and every change initiative is unique – and rather than relying on a box of tools I work with you and your organisation to achieve lasting change in your organisation.

I am a qualified coach, hold an MSc in People & Organisational Development and have over twenty years of business experience. I am also a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Member of the Association for Project Management – so I understand the practicalities, as well as the psychology of organisational change.

Like the yeast in a loaf of bread, our work together is sometimes a relatively small element of the overall change – but it makes a disproportionate difference to the outcome.