We live in a changing world. Sometimes we want to initiate change; sometimes we have to react to external change. As Charles Darwin observed, it is not the fastest or the strongest who thrive – but those most adaptable to change. As individuals and as organisations, we must be able to change if we are to learn, grow and reach our goals.

I work with organisations and individuals to help them change and grow. Qualified to MSc level, I use my knowledge of behavioural psychology to help you understand what drives behaviour – and how you can change it.

The common link in all change is conversation. That might seem strange, but remember that everything we do starts with a thought. Our thoughts are our internal conversations – about ourselves and the organisations we work in. To behave differently we need to think differently, and since it’s our internal stories – our thoughts – which drive our behaviour, it is those we need to change first.

If you’re an organisation making a cultural change, lasting success depends on changing the conversations people hold – both within themselves and with each other. Those conversations define how people relate to the organisation, and therefore how they behave. Since how we behave is what forms organisational culture, changing the conversations which drive behaviour is the most effective path to the organisational culture we want.

The same is true for individuals making changes in their lives and careers, after all, the main difference between an individual and an organisation is the number of people. It’s the inner stories we tell ourselves which drive how we relate to the world – and thus how we behave, and what we can achieve.

For organisations and individuals – changing our narrative is how we unlock our potential.